Thursday, August 23, 2012

See how much cost the Eiffel Tower

                                          How much cost the Eiffel Tower?



The value of Europe's biggest tourist attractions is a total of 700 billion euros.
Eiffel Tower in Paris is the most expensive
It is estimated at 434 billion euros. i.e. equals five times the French GDP and ten times the annual interest rates on French government debt.
Annual Eiffel Tower have seven million tourists, of which 75% are foreigners. This makes it the most visited place in the world.

Colosseum is estimated at 91 billion euros. In December it will be repaired.
90 billion is estimated symbol of Barcelona Cathedral - "Sagrada Familia", which is not yet completed.

Tower of London - fortress, known as the Bloody Tower, is estimated at 70.5 billion.
Located on the banks of the Thames, the fortress is a place of detention, torture and executions.

Museum "Prado" in Madrid  is estimated at € 60 billion.
The stone monument Stonehenge in England, attracting over a million tourists a year, was rated only 10.5 billion.